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In bed; with my eyes closed and fighting back tears, I silently wish I will wake up from this horrid nightmare to a more reassuring, socially acceptable life! But no! Rather, I wake up to "this" truth. In denial, I run to the mirror, just like the wicked queen in the "Snow White & The Seven Dwarves" hoping to find solace in what it will say. Just then Irealize my reality! I'm still gay! (well, more like bisexual). 

For the millionth time, I looked and didn't like what I saw. I didn't like me! I didn't like being a two faced man like the circus clown pretending to be a happy man with a wide grin plastered on his masked face while hot balls of tears find their way down his damp cheek in such familiar manner from behind the mask! I didn't like me! I don't like me! Yet, this is who I am.

Kenny, my tale is not so unique or far fetched. Some others have become priests, choosing the life of celibacy; deceiving all but never themselves or God. And yet, others procreate to prove (to anyone with an iota of doubt) that they are indeed real men! All in a futile attempt to run away from their shadows!

But you stepped out, accepting your own shadow. Well done for doing what I know I may never be courageous enough to do in my lifetime (maybe I'll drop it as a wonderful surprise information in my Will).

The conversation is on! The rate of hate in the debate about the fate of the Nigerian gay is so intense it's almost paralyzing. Would it not be different in a positive way if they like us. Love us. Accept us. Just the way we are?

Kenny, I'm tired. 


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